Zinio magazines- The best magazine reading app!

Magazine lovers need not carry the extra load of magazines over travel and commuting nowadays! The app we are talking about today is Zinio magazine app, that allow you to explore various articles curated especially by some expert writers over the best selling magazines from the world.

By delivering half a billion magazine issues from different writers, Zinio is one of the favourite app of magazine readers globally. With more 6000 magazines, it’s easily available on your mobiles and tabs and let you explore the articles out there.

Specifications and features:

  • Easily available on all devices and can be changed from mobile mode to pc mode for better reading option.
  • Get to read more than six thousand digital magazines worldwide.
  • Explore articles from different genres like lifestyle, food, fashion, technology,etc.
  • Offline reading and downloads available.

This app have achieved 118 ratings and 4.5* on App Store and requires just 70.5MB space of your device.

Yammer- Stay connected for office work!

Today’s app is the one which helps us stay connected internally within an organisation or a working place. The one app that lets you share your work details within your work area contacts in no time.

No need to pay any charges for sharing your professional files and pictures and interact details. You can stay updated using yammer for work area sharing. It also help you to only choose the targeted people you have to work with and create ideas and projects with them as well.

Specifications and features:

    Collaborate easily with your team member on the go from anywhere.
    Easily Sharable live clicked pictures and videos.
    No file size limitations
    Use the app around the globe in more than 25 languages.

Having 461 ratings and 4.6* on App Store, it acquires 74.3MB storage of your phone.

Unit converter- The easiest unit converting app

Imagine going in an entirely new country and standing for minutes thinking about the currency difference of your country. Or struggling for long to know the difference in area in metres and millimetres. Well, even this can be managed easily within seconds now. There’s a wonderful app that allows you to convert the currencies, areas, time, pressure, speed, etc in the most rapid and easy way.

The unit converter app does the task in a jiffy. From getting the latest currency rates and differences to providing accurate converting rate, it’s all done with the unit converter app.

Specifications and features:

  • More than 155 world currencies are updated everyday
  • Get even software converting from megabytes to kilobytes, etc.
  • Fuel mileage, length, speed, air pressure, time, volume, etc are available for converting.
  • Mostly offline services are available.

This app has got around 382 ratings and a 4.2* on App Store and requires just 7.8 MB of your smartphone, can be downloaded from play store and App Store.

Practo- The doctor searching app!

The next essential phase of life is medical support. Getting it instantly and from secure sources can be something really difficult but is equally essential. Getting trusted medical or booking an appointment for the same through an app can be life saviours.

That’s where practo app comes in to action. The number 1 medical help app that lets you connect with the best doctors, get their appointments, get the best help for your pathological needs and medicines too. What’s more, you can even write and later read the reviews of experience with that medical expert. Apart from this, it also helps you to get acquire better health conditions by free health guides and recordings of your tests and results.

Specifications and features:

  • Get medical reminders regularly and even order the medicine online with them and get it delivered at your doorstep.
  • Find the nearest lab test centre near you and book your results with them.
  • Search and get appointments of various doctors which are expert in diabetic conditions, neurologists, cardiac surgeons, dentists, etc.
  • Free question answer and health guide and information available.

Having around 14.6 ratings on App Store and 4.7 stars it acquire just 95.3 MB of your mobile memory.

Indeed Job Search- An app for better job search!

Job search and finding a suitable job for yourself can be difficult task! Even the classified sections in newspapers aren’t up to date nowadays as it were in the bygone days. So, the deed is fulfilled by the latest online sites to find you a better job and living. But often these sites aren’t as compatible as they need to be and staying updated with the recent job opportunities becomes impossible.

Indeed job search offers you excellent support in finding your preferred jobs as per your qualifications. You can even try searching for a good job internationally with submitting in your cvs easily and in your preferred range of salaries. You can even search for a job nearby through the updated GPS services of the app.

Specifications and features:

    Search for job nearby or internationally in 28+languages.
    Get updated with the latest available jobs by getting mails.
    Submit your cvs online.
    Review of employers and companies available.
    Get to view all the photos of the place you’ll be working in.

Indeed prides in having 4.3* on IOS with 7.49k rankings occupying a space of 38.8 MB of space and can be downloaded in android and iOS as well.