Audible- An Amazon Company!

Finally, it’s A2Zblogchatterfest here, and let’s start our journey of the A-Z of some amazing apps that should get some space in your smartphones to be a regular part of your day to day life in order to make it more easier!

Audible by amazon, is one such app that should be apart of your smartphones in your leisure or entertainment section. An app that’s rated 4.8/5 by major consumer reviews on IOS store, is getting too much fame by around 422k ratings there already.

An app for all the reading lovers out there. The ones who cannot because of any issue read books can definitely hear it now. The books that range from various genres like fiction, mythology, crimes, kids special, etc.


  • An audiobook that narrates you your books, novels, magazines, etc that you want to hear and avoid reading.
  • Professionally narrated books by worldwide famous performers or actors.
  • Thousands of books to select from in premium quality.


  • The flexible library that can be synced with any device as you login with your id there.
  • Speeding and slowing down features to suit your interest.
  • Getting reading samples before buying the books.

So, all you bedtime stories lovers or just readers who love to hear other’ interesting written stuffs, download this app from IOS or android which just occupies 73.8 MB of your memory!

Jurassic world(TM)- The game app!

Ok, so there are lot of gaming freaks who are constantly pinging for some great app for exciting gaming experience! So, here we are with an amazing gaming app that you’ll definitely get addicted to and feel proud after getting those tasks done.

An exciting game that brings to life the adventurous world of dinosaurs to life! The Jurassic world straight out of those thrilling movies, this game takes you to the ups and downs of the Jurassic world where you have to keep moving dealing with some extremely dangerous creatures on the earth.

Hatching, collecting, constructing, evolving and battling in this game along with those innumerable dinosaurs, you just can’t stop evolving better in this exciting game.

Specifications and features:

  • Challenge players from around the world in an exciting battle
  • More than 200 dinosaurs to hatch and collect.
  • Build your own buildings and landscapes.
  • Keep evolving more with each of the battle won.

Rated 4.6* on iOS, having 1.2k ratings and acquiring 1.2 GB of your memory space, it’s available both on android and iOS.

Indeed Job Search- An app for better job search!

Job search and finding a suitable job for yourself can be difficult task! Even the classified sections in newspapers aren’t up to date nowadays as it were in the bygone days. So, the deed is fulfilled by the latest online sites to find you a better job and living. But often these sites aren’t as compatible as they need to be and staying updated with the recent job opportunities becomes impossible.

Indeed job search offers you excellent support in finding your preferred jobs as per your qualifications. You can even try searching for a good job internationally with submitting in your cvs easily and in your preferred range of salaries. You can even search for a job nearby through the updated GPS services of the app.

Specifications and features:

    Search for job nearby or internationally in 28+languages.
    Get updated with the latest available jobs by getting mails.
    Submit your cvs online.
    Review of employers and companies available.
    Get to view all the photos of the place you’ll be working in.

Indeed prides in having 4.3* on IOS with 7.49k rankings occupying a space of 38.8 MB of space and can be downloaded in android and iOS as well.

Houzz- An app that helps you design your homes better!

Thinking about designing or redesigning your homes and want to get a better idea how it would look like? Getting professional help even for ideas sometimes gets too costly. Not to ignore the fact that they are often not able to understand your point of view and the way you want your house to look like.

What if I say you can actually make a photogenic sketch of your home with your dream filters and furnishings you want to add in? Yes! Just try the houzz app that’s a god sent gift for all those interior designing ideas.

This app allows you to get a sketch of your place with all the furnishings to be placed in the desired positions and get all the ideas you need to make it look better. What’s more, there’s also a store connected to it which makes your dream of buying that furniture possible. You can order from the shop and get your stuff delivered at your doorstep and have it placed just exactly where you wanted it to. Apart from this, you can get some professional help too from the experts and even share the finished sketch with your friends to get their views on it.

Specifications and features:

  • An app that has more than 18 million designs to design homes interiors and exteriors.
  • Being able to sketch directly on the photos
  • A chance to connect with more than 2.3 million professional architects, interior experts, builders, designers, etc.
  • Get professional unpaid advices as well and even read from the latest magazines on home designing a.
  • Buy the products you wish to keep in your homes. Covering all these, this app has been able to achieve 4.7* on IOS store with 596 ratings with 84.9 MB of your mobile storage memory and can be downloaded through android and iOS version.

Gallery vault- The best app to hide your photos and videos!

Mobile secrecy is important! Who likes someone else peeping in their galleries and checking out their stored content in it? Lots of people daily download innumerable apps for that secrecy but die to some minute and major glitches often uninstall them and the purpose of hiding the personal content is still undone.

Why not try the gallery vault app to hide your photos and videos instantly with everything taken care of. This app makes sure it’s well hidden and can accessed only through secures passcodes and passwords and even transforms itself to another icon. Also, the software has a beautiful and attractive design that makes the user experience more amazing.

Specifications and features:

  • Can stored unlimited photos and videos.
  • Can be used with fingerprint access, passcode and passwords.
  • App icon changing feature to guarantee more privacy.
  • Can download videos pictures directly from web and can be hidden.
  • Can be shared using the app.
  • Also avoids break in if happens. With around 4.4* on IOS store with 15.9k ratings it occupies 29.9 MB of your phone memory and can be downloaded in android and iOS.