Zinio magazines- The best magazine reading app!

Magazine lovers need not carry the extra load of magazines over travel and commuting nowadays! The app we are talking about today is Zinio magazine app, that allow you to explore various articles curated especially by some expert writers over the best selling magazines from the world.

By delivering half a billion magazine issues from different writers, Zinio is one of the favourite app of magazine readers globally. With more 6000 magazines, it’s easily available on your mobiles and tabs and let you explore the articles out there.

Specifications and features:

  • Easily available on all devices and can be changed from mobile mode to pc mode for better reading option.
  • Get to read more than six thousand digital magazines worldwide.
  • Explore articles from different genres like lifestyle, food, fashion, technology,etc.
  • Offline reading and downloads available.

This app have achieved 118 ratings and 4.5* on App Store and requires just 70.5MB space of your device.

Yammer- Stay connected for office work!

Today’s app is the one which helps us stay connected internally within an organisation or a working place. The one app that lets you share your work details within your work area contacts in no time.

No need to pay any charges for sharing your professional files and pictures and interact details. You can stay updated using yammer for work area sharing. It also help you to only choose the targeted people you have to work with and create ideas and projects with them as well.

Specifications and features:

    Collaborate easily with your team member on the go from anywhere.
    Easily Sharable live clicked pictures and videos.
    No file size limitations
    Use the app around the globe in more than 25 languages.

Having 461 ratings and 4.6* on App Store, it acquires 74.3MB storage of your phone.

Viva video- The best vidéo editor app!

The video or more say the musical video is taking over the internet lately. And what could be more exciting today then to explore an app that lets you make videos out of your picture collection or just capture your creativity as it is!

Let’s talk about viva video creator and editor app. Make your unique collage video with extra clear lenses, best frames, perfect background music and amazing video effects like background blur, face magic, slow motion, zoom effects, etc.

Specifications and features:

    Get lots of video editing tools and options like video trim, crop, collage, zoom, merge, etc
    Make a slide show video out of your personal videos, animations, texts and more.
    Also available with screen recorder option.
    Download your choice of music and themes suitable for your video.
    Easy share option available.

With around 30.6k ratings and 4.6* on App Store, it captures 109.9 MB of the mobile storage.

Minion rush- the cutest minion game!

Alright, so who isn’t crazy about these super tiny banana loving creatures called minions? These tiny, funny and super fast creatures are a fun to watch and play with. An what about the excitement to play along with them?

Yeah, you’re right! The rush games with these minions can be real entertaining and super fun to pass your time. The minion rush games takes you to the newest level of challenges and rewards daily, thus making each day of playing it worthwhile.

Specifications and features:

  • Earn daily rewards and cross various levels
  • Jump over the volcanoes and rush to collect all the rewards.

With around 6.41k ratings, it has got 4.55 stars on App stores and acquires 283.2 MB of your mobile space and is essay available for downloading on iOS and android stores.

Duolingo- The versatile language teaching app!

Most of you readers knows i have a knowledge of more than six global languages, and often people ask me the efforts behind it. Well, all it takes is a great teacher, lot of homework and constant practice in my Recommended app for language learning courses made easy, Duolingo!

Here’s one app that’s a must download if you’re crazy about learning global languages. This app also helps you in learning the languages more easily of which the course you’re already taking! From learning French fluently to getting more acquainted with English, Russian, German, Chinese and innumerable more! This apps keeps giving you motivation along with great lessons and grammatically arranged levels that you keep on climbing with your regular practice.

Specifications and features:

  • Continuos levels to climb with a different practise session to gain life and experience.
  • Hundreds of global language courses available.
  • Easy and motivated theme of learning.
  • Regular reminders and alarms available to remind you of your course time. Rated 4.7 on IOS with around 8.4k ratings, it occupies 115.3 MB space of your memory and can be downloaded from android as well as IOS.