Practo- The doctor searching app!

The next essential phase of life is medical support. Getting it instantly and from secure sources can be something really difficult but is equally essential. Getting trusted medical or booking an appointment for the same through an app can be life saviours.

That’s where practo app comes in to action. The number 1 medical help app that lets you connect with the best doctors, get their appointments, get the best help for your pathological needs and medicines too. What’s more, you can even write and later read the reviews of experience with that medical expert. Apart from this, it also helps you to get acquire better health conditions by free health guides and recordings of your tests and results.

Specifications and features:

  • Get medical reminders regularly and even order the medicine online with them and get it delivered at your doorstep.
  • Find the nearest lab test centre near you and book your results with them.
  • Search and get appointments of various doctors which are expert in diabetic conditions, neurologists, cardiac surgeons, dentists, etc.
  • Free question answer and health guide and information available.

Having around 14.6 ratings on App Store and 4.7 stars it acquire just 95.3 MB of your mobile memory. The discount app!

Who doesn’t love discounts and cash backs! It’s amazing to get huge offers occasionally, but to get it everyday on your each outings, dining’s, movies, spa times, etc. Is something really unusual. Such chances are not to be missed at any cost.

That’s why comes the need of keeping the app, on your mobile always! The one app that gets irresistible cash backs and offers and deals on restaurant bills, theme park, salons, movie tickets, hotels, shopping activit├ęs, etc. Available in almost all cities of India, it provides an easy coupon system that helps you get the best deals and offers those are best for you and helps you gain maximum benefits.

Specifications and features:

  • Over 400 million users in India yawing it for restaurant bookings
  • Easy hassle free movie tickets booking with max discounts
  • Travel bookings available at discounted rates and various checkout options available.

With around 56.2k ratings and a 3.3 * on App Store, it captures just 40MB of your mobile memory and is available on androids and app stores as well.

Minion rush- the cutest minion game!

Alright, so who isn’t crazy about these super tiny banana loving creatures called minions? These tiny, funny and super fast creatures are a fun to watch and play with. An what about the excitement to play along with them?

Yeah, you’re right! The rush games with these minions can be real entertaining and super fun to pass your time. The minion rush games takes you to the newest level of challenges and rewards daily, thus making each day of playing it worthwhile.

Specifications and features:

  • Earn daily rewards and cross various levels
  • Jump over the volcanoes and rush to collect all the rewards.

With around 6.41k ratings, it has got 4.55 stars on App stores and acquires 283.2 MB of your mobile space and is essay available for downloading on iOS and android stores.

Lumosity-A mind sharpening game!

Mobile software upgrades are available in your smartphones, but are there any tools to upgrade our brains too? As our smartphones needs sharpening through upgrading, so does our brains need those sharpening exercises. Apart from the regular mind exercises and Yoga sessions, mind sharpening games can do wonders for sharpening and challenging the brain activities.

The energetic app that lets you interact with Blake’s of people worldwide while you solve mind boggling games, quizzes, challenges that tests your memory skills, attention, speed, flexibility, etc. These games keep you entertained and trains your brains as well this sharpening your memorising and interactive skills.

Specifications and features:

  • 40+ games to sharpen your mind skills including puzzles, memory skills games, problem solving, logic games, etc.
  • Games with training habits especially curated.
  • Learn your weakness and overcome it and your strength and sharpen it.

With 4.138k ratings and 4.5 * on App Store, it captures 252MB of your mobile storage and can be downloaded from IOS and android stores.

Kidoland nursery rhymes- Best app for preschool kids!

Kids nowadays are mobile junkies! They tend to keep themselves engrossed more and more in smartphones. Doesn’t matter if the kid is a teen or just a toddler, they all need these gadgets to keep themselves entertained. So, why not make their entertainment a learning process too?

Keeping them engrossed in preschool learning and teaching seems a better idea than having them become you tube addicts. The Kidoland nursery rhymes app provides one of the best preschool sessions with its wide range of nursery rhymes and educational activities to learn from. This app is such favourite of moms and kidos, that’s it’s been awarded as the Moms choice good awards, Academics choice smart media awards and Tillywig brain child award.

Specifications and features:

  • 2000+ choices in educational activities to choose from.
  • Stories, poetries, maths, science, writing, reading and coding activities included.
  • 400+ sing along nursery rhymes with foot tap music available.
  • Lots of coding exercises to enhance their motor skills along with maths activities too. With approximately 1.55k ratings and 4.3 stars on App Store, it takes just 311.8 MB of your mobile storage. Download it through App Store or android.