Speed test by ookla !

Ever faced a situation where in you’re switching on and off your mobile phones when actually the issue is with your network actually. And what good it would be if we had an app that checked our network connections and internet ranges too.

So here’s the much needed app for all us 21st century mobile users who want everything to happen in a jiffy and their network connectivity never at a loss! The speed test by Ookla app gives you the accurate results in just a tap and with in less than a minute. Used by millions over the globe, this app leads in speed testing and network checking.

Specifications and features:

  • Graphs presentations to show connection consistency
  • Test and get results in a minute.
  • Test with a single connection or compare with multiple others.
  • Share your results in social media for the world to know about the connectivity.

This app has 1.21k ratings and 3.7* on App Store and requires just 35.8 MB of your smartphones and is available on android and iOS stores.

Office suite- The PDF editor the best app to edit your files!

Editing files within in a jiffy, especially the pdf ones becomes quite tricky. And if someone says you can do so by using just one app and that too hassle free, this is such a boon, isn’t it?

Let’s learn about Office suite, the pdf editor app that helps you create, edit and view word file, excel files and pdf all around the year with in no time. All of this and a combined cloud storage and storage manager adds in to the benefit too.

Specifications and features:

  • 15GB free cloud space in drives and Moby system.
  • Easily manage multiple files by copying, pasting and editing them easily.
  • Compatible with PowerPoint files, excel sheets, zip files and images.
  • Easily available with sign in options across all web stores.

With around 4.39K ratings and 4.6 stars on App Store, it occupies 134.1 MB of space in your mobile phones.

Nearbuy.com- The discount app!

Who doesn’t love discounts and cash backs! It’s amazing to get huge offers occasionally, but to get it everyday on your each outings, dining’s, movies, spa times, etc. Is something really unusual. Such chances are not to be missed at any cost.

That’s why comes the need of keeping the app, Nearbuy.com on your mobile always! The one app that gets irresistible cash backs and offers and deals on restaurant bills, theme park, salons, movie tickets, hotels, shopping activit├ęs, etc. Available in almost all cities of India, it provides an easy coupon system that helps you get the best deals and offers those are best for you and helps you gain maximum benefits.

Specifications and features:

  • Over 400 million users in India yawing it for restaurant bookings
  • Easy hassle free movie tickets booking with max discounts
  • Travel bookings available at discounted rates and various checkout options available.

With around 56.2k ratings and a 3.3 * on App Store, it captures just 40MB of your mobile memory and is available on androids and app stores as well.

Jurassic world(TM)- The game app!

Ok, so there are lot of gaming freaks who are constantly pinging for some great app for exciting gaming experience! So, here we are with an amazing gaming app that you’ll definitely get addicted to and feel proud after getting those tasks done.

An exciting game that brings to life the adventurous world of dinosaurs to life! The Jurassic world straight out of those thrilling movies, this game takes you to the ups and downs of the Jurassic world where you have to keep moving dealing with some extremely dangerous creatures on the earth.

Hatching, collecting, constructing, evolving and battling in this game along with those innumerable dinosaurs, you just can’t stop evolving better in this exciting game.

Specifications and features:

  • Challenge players from around the world in an exciting battle
  • More than 200 dinosaurs to hatch and collect.
  • Build your own buildings and landscapes.
  • Keep evolving more with each of the battle won.

Rated 4.6* on iOS, having 1.2k ratings and acquiring 1.2 GB of your memory space, it’s available both on android and iOS.

Indeed Job Search- An app for better job search!

Job search and finding a suitable job for yourself can be difficult task! Even the classified sections in newspapers aren’t up to date nowadays as it were in the bygone days. So, the deed is fulfilled by the latest online sites to find you a better job and living. But often these sites aren’t as compatible as they need to be and staying updated with the recent job opportunities becomes impossible.

Indeed job search offers you excellent support in finding your preferred jobs as per your qualifications. You can even try searching for a good job internationally with submitting in your cvs easily and in your preferred range of salaries. You can even search for a job nearby through the updated GPS services of the app.

Specifications and features:

    Search for job nearby or internationally in 28+languages.
    Get updated with the latest available jobs by getting mails.
    Submit your cvs online.
    Review of employers and companies available.
    Get to view all the photos of the place you’ll be working in.

Indeed prides in having 4.3* on IOS with 7.49k rankings occupying a space of 38.8 MB of space and can be downloaded in android and iOS as well.