Unit converter- The easiest unit converting app

Imagine going in an entirely new country and standing for minutes thinking about the currency difference of your country. Or struggling for long to know the difference in area in metres and millimetres. Well, even this can be managed easily within seconds now. There’s a wonderful app that allows you to convert the currencies, areas, time, pressure, speed, etc in the most rapid and easy way.

The unit converter app does the task in a jiffy. From getting the latest currency rates and differences to providing accurate converting rate, it’s all done with the unit converter app.

Specifications and features:

  • More than 155 world currencies are updated everyday
  • Get even software converting from megabytes to kilobytes, etc.
  • Fuel mileage, length, speed, air pressure, time, volume, etc are available for converting.
  • Mostly offline services are available.

This app has got around 382 ratings and a 4.2* on App Store and requires just 7.8 MB of your smartphone, can be downloaded from play store and App Store.

Ted talks- The app for every mood!

Well, we all love talk shows! Though our interests in different genres differ and so our preferences to watch those kinds of talk shows. But a real time entertainment is guaranteed by watching those interesting talk shows none the less.

That’s why I loved Ted talks. An app that lets me scroll through millions of videos. The one way in which we can explore numerous videos and expand our knowledge to its extremes. From politics to jokes, science to news and much more. It’s all there on TED talks.

Specifications and features:

  • TED talks video libraries are available in over 100 languages.
  • Easily download, play and transfer the video files to any home networks.
  • Customised and sync your own playlists with your own preferences.

This app have been able to achieve 324 ratings and 4.6* on App Store and acquires 55.5 MB of your mobile devices.

Speed test by ookla !

Ever faced a situation where in you’re switching on and off your mobile phones when actually the issue is with your network actually. And what good it would be if we had an app that checked our network connections and internet ranges too.

So here’s the much needed app for all us 21st century mobile users who want everything to happen in a jiffy and their network connectivity never at a loss! The speed test by Ookla app gives you the accurate results in just a tap and with in less than a minute. Used by millions over the globe, this app leads in speed testing and network checking.

Specifications and features:

  • Graphs presentations to show connection consistency
  • Test and get results in a minute.
  • Test with a single connection or compare with multiple others.
  • Share your results in social media for the world to know about the connectivity.

This app has 1.21k ratings and 3.7* on App Store and requires just 35.8 MB of your smartphones and is available on android and iOS stores.

Runkeeper – the GPS running tracker!

For all the fitness freaks out there, we’ve got the next app for you all. For thr love of fit, here’s a fitness app that helps everyone to stay fitter. From the beginners to experienced runners, each one gets to track their daily regime of fitness through the Runkeeper app.

From basic motivation to setting up goals, from keeping track of the progress to recording the daily workouts, work your way out towards fitness with this app.

Specifications and features:

  • Plan your daily workouts and set up a goal to cover.
  • Get Bluetooth, Apple Watch and gps connection too.
  • Track the best root through GPS to avoid hindrance.
  • Upload your daily progress directly from the app to social media and share your daily progress.
  • Live tracking, weather data and prescribed workouts available.

With 4.857 ratings and 5* on App Store, it requires only around 100.1 MB space of your mobile battery and is available for download on iOS and android.

QR Code reader- The helpful app!

We are all coded around us! From little packs of juices to huge boxes of refrigerators, everything ha ms a QR code embedded on it! These QR codes are extremely important as they give us a detailed idea about the product and it’s minute details that we need not miss at any cost. Not to forget giving us a track record of the purchase and buying of the product too.

This where I think we all need a QR code reader app in our mobiles. An app that scans and reads the codes instantly to give us all the tiniest details we want to know about the products we purchase and use. Apart from this, we can even scan barcodes with it and get all the tracking information that we need.

Specifications and features:

  • More than 15 types of scanning and reading supported
  • Get products and foods detailed information within no time.
  • Organise your scamming results in different folders
  • Maintain a scan and reading history

This app proudly displays its 4.6* on App Store with around 16.8K ratings and captures 25.2 MB space of your mobile and can be downloaded from here.