Sharing of files and video nowadays is just the need of the hour! The more we download and click, the more it’s been shared and stored. But sometime sharing through what-sap, gmail or Bluetooth isn’t just possible because of lack of connectivity between the devices or other minor reasons.

That’s where Xender emerges as a life saviour! The one app that allows you to share files and images and also apps as large as you want and get it transferred to the opposite mobile carrier having the same app with no issues at all.

Specifications and features:

  • Connects even without cables or network.
  • Can connect from mobile to PC and iPads too.
  • Transfers huge files even apps within no time.
  • Also can share file from iOS to androids and vice versa
  • Needs least battery usage.

This app has achieved 4.683K ratings and 3.6* on AppStore and requires 45.7 MB of your mobile storage.

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