Now this ones my favourite app! For all the book lovers out there, you must be either knowing watt pad or would love to know about it.

The app that lets you explore from millions of books and read them absolutely free. From fiction to non fiction, search for your favourite genre and start reading. What mor, you can also add those books to your library and read which one you selected before. Plus, there’s also auto mode where in the next time you log in the app, you start from where you left and thus, reading continues. Show love to your favourite writers, rate them, talk to them while they are still writing and indulge more in your favourite characters.

Specifications and features:

  • Write along with reading and get your stories reach max.
  • Join the community of 70+ million readers across the globe
  • Read original and creative stories from lots of unexplored writers
  • Sync your account and get your reading list and library ready for you always.
  • Choose from a wide range of books to read and read while they’re still being written

This app with 7-78K ratings and 4.7* on App Store captures 79.4 MB of your mobile storage and can be downloaded from App Store and android phones too.

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