Imagine going in an entirely new country and standing for minutes thinking about the currency difference of your country. Or struggling for long to know the difference in area in metres and millimetres. Well, even this can be managed easily within seconds now. There’s a wonderful app that allows you to convert the currencies, areas, time, pressure, speed, etc in the most rapid and easy way.

The unit converter app does the task in a jiffy. From getting the latest currency rates and differences to providing accurate converting rate, it’s all done with the unit converter app.

Specifications and features:

  • More than 155 world currencies are updated everyday
  • Get even software converting from megabytes to kilobytes, etc.
  • Fuel mileage, length, speed, air pressure, time, volume, etc are available for converting.
  • Mostly offline services are available.

This app has got around 382 ratings and a 4.2* on App Store and requires just 7.8 MB of your smartphone, can be downloaded from play store and App Store.

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