For all the fitness freaks out there, we’ve got the next app for you all. For thr love of fit, here’s a fitness app that helps everyone to stay fitter. From the beginners to experienced runners, each one gets to track their daily regime of fitness through the Runkeeper app.

From basic motivation to setting up goals, from keeping track of the progress to recording the daily workouts, work your way out towards fitness with this app.

Specifications and features:

  • Plan your daily workouts and set up a goal to cover.
  • Get Bluetooth, Apple Watch and gps connection too.
  • Track the best root through GPS to avoid hindrance.
  • Upload your daily progress directly from the app to social media and share your daily progress.
  • Live tracking, weather data and prescribed workouts available.

With 4.857 ratings and 5* on App Store, it requires only around 100.1 MB space of your mobile battery and is available for download on iOS and android.

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