We are all coded around us! From little packs of juices to huge boxes of refrigerators, everything ha ms a QR code embedded on it! These QR codes are extremely important as they give us a detailed idea about the product and it’s minute details that we need not miss at any cost. Not to forget giving us a track record of the purchase and buying of the product too.

This where I think we all need a QR code reader app in our mobiles. An app that scans and reads the codes instantly to give us all the tiniest details we want to know about the products we purchase and use. Apart from this, we can even scan barcodes with it and get all the tracking information that we need.

Specifications and features:

  • More than 15 types of scanning and reading supported
  • Get products and foods detailed information within no time.
  • Organise your scamming results in different folders
  • Maintain a scan and reading history

This app proudly displays its 4.6* on App Store with around 16.8K ratings and captures 25.2 MB space of your mobile and can be downloaded from here.

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