Mobile software upgrades are available in your smartphones, but are there any tools to upgrade our brains too? As our smartphones needs sharpening through upgrading, so does our brains need those sharpening exercises. Apart from the regular mind exercises and Yoga sessions, mind sharpening games can do wonders for sharpening and challenging the brain activities.

The energetic app that lets you interact with Blake’s of people worldwide while you solve mind boggling games, quizzes, challenges that tests your memory skills, attention, speed, flexibility, etc. These games keep you entertained and trains your brains as well this sharpening your memorising and interactive skills.

Specifications and features:

  • 40+ games to sharpen your mind skills including puzzles, memory skills games, problem solving, logic games, etc.
  • Games with training habits especially curated.
  • Learn your weakness and overcome it and your strength and sharpen it.

With 4.138k ratings and 4.5 * on App Store, it captures 252MB of your mobile storage and can be downloaded from IOS and android stores.

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