Kids nowadays are mobile junkies! They tend to keep themselves engrossed more and more in smartphones. Doesn’t matter if the kid is a teen or just a toddler, they all need these gadgets to keep themselves entertained. So, why not make their entertainment a learning process too?

Keeping them engrossed in preschool learning and teaching seems a better idea than having them become you tube addicts. The Kidoland nursery rhymes app provides one of the best preschool sessions with its wide range of nursery rhymes and educational activities to learn from. This app is such favourite of moms and kidos, that’s it’s been awarded as the Moms choice good awards, Academics choice smart media awards and Tillywig brain child award.

Specifications and features:

  • 2000+ choices in educational activities to choose from.
  • Stories, poetries, maths, science, writing, reading and coding activities included.
  • 400+ sing along nursery rhymes with foot tap music available.
  • Lots of coding exercises to enhance their motor skills along with maths activities too. With approximately 1.55k ratings and 4.3 stars on App Store, it takes just 311.8 MB of your mobile storage. Download it through App Store or android.

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