Most of you readers knows i have a knowledge of more than six global languages, and often people ask me the efforts behind it. Well, all it takes is a great teacher, lot of homework and constant practice in my Recommended app for language learning courses made easy, Duolingo!

Here’s one app that’s a must download if you’re crazy about learning global languages. This app also helps you in learning the languages more easily of which the course you’re already taking! From learning French fluently to getting more acquainted with English, Russian, German, Chinese and innumerable more! This apps keeps giving you motivation along with great lessons and grammatically arranged levels that you keep on climbing with your regular practice.

Specifications and features:

  • Continuos levels to climb with a different practise session to gain life and experience.
  • Hundreds of global language courses available.
  • Easy and motivated theme of learning.
  • Regular reminders and alarms available to remind you of your course time. Rated 4.7 on IOS with around 8.4k ratings, it occupies 115.3 MB space of your memory and can be downloaded from android as well as IOS.

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