Ok, so there are lot of gaming freaks who are constantly pinging for some great app for exciting gaming experience! So, here we are with an amazing gaming app that you’ll definitely get addicted to and feel proud after getting those tasks done.

An exciting game that brings to life the adventurous world of dinosaurs to life! The Jurassic world straight out of those thrilling movies, this game takes you to the ups and downs of the Jurassic world where you have to keep moving dealing with some extremely dangerous creatures on the earth.

Hatching, collecting, constructing, evolving and battling in this game along with those innumerable dinosaurs, you just can’t stop evolving better in this exciting game.

Specifications and features:

  • Challenge players from around the world in an exciting battle
  • More than 200 dinosaurs to hatch and collect.
  • Build your own buildings and landscapes.
  • Keep evolving more with each of the battle won.

Rated 4.6* on iOS, having 1.2k ratings and acquiring 1.2 GB of your memory space, it’s available both on android and iOS.

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