Mobile secrecy is important! Who likes someone else peeping in their galleries and checking out their stored content in it? Lots of people daily download innumerable apps for that secrecy but die to some minute and major glitches often uninstall them and the purpose of hiding the personal content is still undone.

Why not try the gallery vault app to hide your photos and videos instantly with everything taken care of. This app makes sure it’s well hidden and can accessed only through secures passcodes and passwords and even transforms itself to another icon. Also, the software has a beautiful and attractive design that makes the user experience more amazing.

Specifications and features:

  • Can stored unlimited photos and videos.
  • Can be used with fingerprint access, passcode and passwords.
  • App icon changing feature to guarantee more privacy.
  • Can download videos pictures directly from web and can be hidden.
  • Can be shared using the app.
  • Also avoids break in if happens. With around 4.4* on IOS store with 15.9k ratings it occupies 29.9 MB of your phone memory and can be downloaded in android and iOS.

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