Finally, it’s A2Zblogchatterfest here, and let’s start our journey of the A-Z of some amazing apps that should get some space in your smartphones to be a regular part of your day to day life in order to make it more easier!

Audible by amazon, is one such app that should be apart of your smartphones in your leisure or entertainment section. An app that’s rated 4.8/5 by major consumer reviews on IOS store, is getting too much fame by around 422k ratings there already.

An app for all the reading lovers out there. The ones who cannot because of any issue read books can definitely hear it now. The books that range from various genres like fiction, mythology, crimes, kids special, etc.


  • An audiobook that narrates you your books, novels, magazines, etc that you want to hear and avoid reading.
  • Professionally narrated books by worldwide famous performers or actors.
  • Thousands of books to select from in premium quality.


  • The flexible library that can be synced with any device as you login with your id there.
  • Speeding and slowing down features to suit your interest.
  • Getting reading samples before buying the books.

So, all you bedtime stories lovers or just readers who love to hear other’ interesting written stuffs, download this app from IOS or android which just occupies 73.8 MB of your memory!

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