Do you always dream of breathing life to your pics, to make your photos look more real with the animation feature in it? Well, here’s the app that’s been prized as the best app on IOS of the year! Why??? You’ll soon know!

The Enlight pixaloop app allows you to animate a certain or more part of your photos and make it more lively and attractive. With the speed limits ranging from extreme slow to immensely fast, you can set the limit to it! Bring animation to either an aura of nature that’s available in the pic or your body part like strands of hair, etc. It goes magical and brings a glam to your regular pictures.

Specifications and features:

  • Any kind of photo element like clothing, hair, scenarios can be animated.
  • Zoom features available to emphasise the attention to certain part of the picture that’s animated.
  • Controlled speed limit available.
  • Extremely easy to operate and use.
  • Choose from the filters available to enhance the beauty of the elements in the pictures. Having been rated with 4.7 stars on IOS with 12.7k ratings, it occupies 152.6 MB of your memory in smartphone. Download it directly from here or through your iOS store!

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