Almost everyone today get ready to click some cool pics and share it on their social channels! We may look beautiful, but are all those pictures Instagram able? Most of the time, very exquisite pics get wasted because of its weird and ugly background. That’s when we find the need of a good background eraser, editor app is needed. Almost trying out tens of such apps, I finally found an amazing app that actually would of erasing and editing such weird backgrounds.

Specifications and features:

  • Easily erase the old background and change it with another new background customised pics.
  • Remove/change background images too as per your choice.
  • Remove watermarks, adjust brightness , smoothness and other factors needed.
  • Easily adjust size and share it on various platforms. Now. No more struggling for hours in editing those awesome pics that just got clicked in a wrong destination, just download the background eraser app from play-store or AppStore with just a space of 16.6 MB on your memories.

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