We all love our cars, whether its our first or our third, we treat it like a baby. But the roads are rough and full of surprises. Of course, we cant avoid the accidents, we can protect ourself from going down with it financially. Therefore, before you choose your car, choose your car insurance. And if youre still struggling through the things you must keep on your checklist while buying your car insurance, we have you covered with the top 5: 


1. High deductible means low premium  Theres a price that car insurance companies decide in case you meet with an unfortunate incident. Therefore, if you ever increase the deductibles which will lead them to lesser amount to be paid during your claim, they will offer you a lower premium. Make sure that you only choose the option if youre prepared to pay the deductibles in future. 
2. Your No Claim Bonus (NCB) is transferable: If you ever upgrade your car in future, you can get your estimate NCB transferred to your new car. In fact, you can even transfer your NCB if you choose a new insurer. 
3. Understand Zero Depreciation Cover – While choosing your car insurance, you need to keep depreciation cover as the best option. You can get full settlement in this cover without accounting for the depreciation value. In short, if you ever get into an accident, you this cover will help you get full cover without paying any depreciation cost. Although the premium would be higher for zero depreciation, but its worth the cost. 
4. Make sure the accessories are covered – Not everyone will tell you this, but many insurance companies offer full cover for your car accessories as well. Yes, it doesnt come in the normal plans, but you can get one customised to suit your best needs. It might increase your premium, but at least you will have your beloved accessories insured. 
5. Your engine can be insured – You might not know it, but your engine is also something you can insure. This means, you will not have to pay for the repairs if your car breaks down because of damages not caused due to an accident. Well, we all know how expensive those engine repairs are, so why take the risk for a little more premium?

While these were just 5 things you should keep in mind while buying car insurance, theres a lot more than you need to avoid as well make sure of while signing the deal. I say your best bet would be to choose an expert and let him guide you in your journey. And if youre looking at finding an expert, choose the best at http://www.insureefficient.com




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