Are you a creative mind and love writing or narrating funny jokes to your friends? Well, your talent can actually earn you quite a lot of money! Now why waste your creativity on your friends when you can actually upload it on a most happening site and get yourself rewarded for the same.

One of the most browsed website, is here to entertain you with their super funny jokes and giving you a chance to earn your self some money as well. You just have to upload some jokes on their website and in exchange of each new joke, you earn yourself re.1 as a reward! Also, only sky’s the limit to your creativity here. You can post as many jokes a you want on any day while you keep on collecting your earnings.

The procedure for the same is quite easy:

  • Sign up to the website
  • Click on the add joke button on top right.
  • Upload your jokes. It may be of any language, Santa Banta jokes, husband wife jokes, etc.
  • Your jokes are sent in for approval.
  • After the approval, you easily earn a rupee instead of each joke you submit. These jokes later get copied and shared by various readers on their whatsapp groups or Facebook status later on, this adding into your popularity. Now be it good morning jokes, multilingual jokes, they’ll open the doors of success for you with!

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