2018 has bidden it’s final goodbye, now we’ve delightfully welcomed 2019 with open arms! There were some incomplete dreams, some unsaid words and some undone tasks and undetermined determinations to be full filled! As a tech crazy persona, I dream of being the incredible! Of covering more of technology, the passion that drives me more and more towards anything that’s technologically associated and motivates me towards inventing some more knowledge on the same!


They say technology is vast! It’s just the unstoppable and incredible science of tomorrow that would keep growing more and more each day, every day and towards a century! That’s where I get my aspiration or resolution to be the incredible from! Always inspired by the trending new technologies and inventions, I’ve started growing a habit to get inspired by them too. To keep my pace of life change more positively, just as the technology evolves positively and rapidly day by day!

Technology 2019

This 2019, I would like to be just as updated as a mobile software is! I would like to get the incredible perfect powers of that of a full fledged working and updated robot. To be just as precise as an online dictionary, giving a perfect yet precise description of everything that’s asked from me, at the same time being as versatile as google is! Knowing everything in and out and almost everything that’s around!

I would love to have the incredible powers of a fast working automobile that speeds around rapidly and goes from places to places within no time. The superpower of a technically updated automobile is what I desire. The superpowers that leaves me swiftly working every time with a glamorous look and always ready to conquer the roads of life.

And how can I forget the superpowers of the latest working smartphone! Imagine having all those qualities in a human! Imagine a human consisting a rear and front camera with multi mega pixels in their eyes and clicking all this desirable pictures within no time! And have you ever thought how amazing it would be if I could locate any desirable destination with the help of a map in my mind that always works and keeps me updated o the traffic jams ahead! The rapid working smartphone powers that’s incredibly an all rounder would be a superpower that can make me multitasking human always on the go!

Well, that’s my take on the super powers I would like to gain in this new year! It’s all about the technical matters in life and being technically upgraded!Of course, what else can you expect from a person that’s technology crazy? Dreaming of superpowers that makes her more a techie and incredibly unstoppable and perfect!

This post is a part of blog train hosted by www.prernawahi.com, www.vartikasdiary.com and  www.mothersgurukul.com, sponsored by Pandora’s Box and Recipe Dabba. Hope you loved reading it just as I loved writing it!

38 thoughts on “Being the incredible techie this new year!

  1. I like you take on the prompt and after reading your post even I wish to have the superpowers of a robot. As exciting as it sounds, It would be so cool if I will be able to finish all my chores and reply to the endless queries of my kids using this superpower. Thanks for being a part of this train.

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  2. I agree with you completely. we lived in a high tech world and without being a high techie person it is hard to survive…all the best for new year and may you get all happiness and success in the new year!


  3. Love everything about this post! The concept / thought , the writing and the creatives attached. I will be sorely disappointed if you aren’t one of the winners chosen!


  4. I would like to have the super power of fast moving automobile when I have to be a driver for my kids pick up and drop offs and at the same time loads of work to do on personal and professional end.

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  5. Attaining super powers from the technical gadgets around us – I totally love the thought and hope it happens some day. I thoroughly enjoyed the fresh perspective you brought through your write up.

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  6. Hold on a second..Are you the one who wrote screenplay of Rajinikanth’s Robot 2.0? If not then you should definitely give it a try. Writing Sci-fi, I mean. Such vivid imagination, such passion for technology and so much creativity!

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  7. Being Tech Savvy was always my dream and matching its level these days is getting difficult day by day but I feel to be with Nitin as he’s always been a Tech Savvy and is on a roll to teach us new things. Us meaning my parents, sister and me 😍❤️
    I loved this post a lot as its close to technology.
    #vigorousreads #blogtrain #NYR2019 #Newyear_bloghop


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